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I love stamping and have been a demonstrator for almost 5 years now -- besides working a full-time job as secretary in a computer center. I have met so many wonderful friends and the group of stampers I am in is THE best! Everyone loves to share and help to promote our business (or just our fun) in any way they can.

When I am not stamping, I love spending time with our 5 grandsons along with our two sons and DIL's. There is nothing like being a grandma. Best of all, when me and grandpa are getting wore down -- which doesn't take much these days -- we can simply say "See ya' kids," and off we go to home and our recliners :)


Stampin' Up! -- Stampin' Up! -- Stampin' Up! Spending time with FAMILY -- especially my lonnnnng-time, forever spouse and soul-mate, Mikey! Attending our small United Methodist Church! (not necessarily in this particular order)